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I Can Be Brave

Do not fear_edited-1I have to admit, I’m partial to this piece. My Aunt Janie was quite creative, she quilted and made all kinds of fabric creations. Sadly she died from lung cancer two years ago and when going through her crafts (yes, baskets and baskets of them that I still have and continue to use) I found prints of the flowers included in my art.

She made the prints by smashing, or pounding, them between sheets of paper. I know it sounds cruel but makes for a colorful print for cards, etc.

I cut them out, added a little detail to some and then added some buttons from her collection. It’s a tribute to how brave she was through all she had to endure. As well as something I need to be reminded of daily myself.

Prints are available by clicking here: http://pixels.com/featured/do-not-fear-gina-rath.html




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