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CartwheelI attempted a cartwheel today. It was not good, it was not graceful, my legs were too bent and my arms are not quite strong enough anymore. But I didn’t break anything on my body or in my living room

The reason was to show my grandson, Edward, what a cartwheel should look like (not sure that happened) or at least to encourage him to try. Four or five is usually a good age to learn cartwheeling and he’s almost five (in two weeks) so we decided it was time.

The last time I attempted one was when Ella was about his age, about three years ago. It will be interesting to see if I will be able to do one when Drew’s new little guy, Miles, is four. Miles will be born around the first of July this year so I either have to get in better shape or leave it up to Ella and Edward to show him. Hmmm, I like the latter choice!

The best part is that within an hour Edward was turning a pretty good cartwheel, legs not quite straight (hope that wasn’t because of my example) but he has the technique down and many strong years ahead to improve. The photo was taken from the video I was shooting of him; sorry for the graininess.

When Edward’s mommy and Ella got here they were quite impressed!
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