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Rekindling Creativity

4 WorkingI attended a workshop taught by mixed media artist, Deb Drager, at Gary Lord’s Prismatic Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio with my good friend Kathy Scott. It was a wonderful workshop and was something I much needed at the time to rekindle my creativity.

We worked on three very small canvases and one very large canvas (24 x 60 inches). Deb demonstrated layering on paints and plasters (for texture) and how to successfully attach all kinds of items such as, fabric, paper, beads, keys, stones, decorative foils and more to create a unique mixed-media work of art. Nothing was off limits as long as it didn’t fall off the canvas!

On day two we began our large canvases. Living within driving distance of the workshop allowed me to bring in various items for my painting; dried lavender, burlap, flat glass stones and some threads were a few of the things I brought. I was and still am intrigued with adding text into my art. At the end of the day this is how my canvas looked.

I wasn’t satisfied with and knew I would continue working on it once I got it home. I loved the class and the opportunity to really get in and spark my creativity.

Now here are two important points of this story. My friend Kathy, (mentioned above) had not ever really worked on canvas and, although she enjoyed the class, she felt at times frustrated in the class (creativity overload). Also (important info) our teacher, Deb, is a breast cancer survivor and during the workshop we got to hear much of her story.

Okay, now back to Kathy. Kathy writes beautiful poetry and she hadn’t written anything for awhile. She found that being inspired by Deb’s story and the new creative experience that for a week after the class she couldn’t stop writing; she was even waking in the middle of the night and writing poems. She sent me the poems. One of the first ones I read is called God’s Pearl. This one was inspired by Deb’s story but it also touched and inspired me. Because of Kathy’s inspiration my large canvas was about to improve! Here is Kathy’s poem:

God’s Pearl
I see the sadness upon your face.
What is it that makes you weep, my dear one?
I have not forsaken you, for it is you that I have chosen.
It has taken time for you to grow, for you to evolve.
I have waited for you. You are perfect in my sight.
Now it is your time. It is time for you to shine.
I am your jeweler and you are my precious pearl.
I have nurtured you and polished you.
Shine, my dear pearl, shine.

Here is my canvas, inspired by Kathy’s poem, which was inspired by Deb’s story!

God's Pearl

Here’s a close-up of the poem:

Cropped Pearl

This workshop seemed to give both Kathy and me quite a creative boost. It’s amazing how much changing things up once in awhile, like attending a workshop or simply trying a new technique or medium, can rekindle your creative passion.

I also get inspired when watching kids draw or paint, their confidence and enthusiasm is contagious. What do you use to spark your creativity?

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