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Do You Know Your Strengths?

standoutLast year I took a strengths assessment (The Standout Assessment) by Marcus Buckingham at https://www.tmbc.com/. I have always been interested in learning about personality types and over the years have taken many different kinds of assessments. This one so far is my favorite, for ease of understanding and life application. It measures your top nine strength roles. My top two strengths are ‘creator’ and ‘teacher’.

Now I am not surprised with the role of creator, but with the role of teacher I am surprised and here’s why. While in college along with my degree in art I thought I might go ahead and get my teaching certificate. However, when it came time for my practicum I quickly came to the conclusion that being a traditional teacher was not for me. There were too many rules to follow, so much paper work and a classroom full of high school students who (at least most of them) did not care a thing about art.

Part of the standout assessment describes what an ideal career might be if combining your top two strengths. Here is that description of what my ideal career might be with the combined strengths of Creator and Teacher according to how I tested (I bolded the text that really struck me):

You see people as a series of exceptions, and your genius is figuring out ways to capitalize on these exceptions. Of course, in any environment you will make an excellent teacher–with the important qualification that you will rebel against following a set curriculum. Instead you will feel yourself pulled by each person’s unique style of learning, and if this means tossing out the text book and finding a different way to help each person learn, then so be it. For this reason, avoid highly regulated, unionized environments, such as government agencies, manufacturing plants, and even public educational organizations. You will thrive in roles where you are asked to design flexible and individualized systems for learning, or for improving performance, where the team is small, and where the need for change is urgent and unbounded.

This had me laughing out loud when I first read it and might explain why the traditional idea of teaching wasn’t a fit for me. I have to admit that this is so much how I think when I want to teach something. I do have a tendency to do things out of the ordinary so as not to be boring or to help someone remember.

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