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Secret ArtWorks

Gift 5x7A short time ago I, along with my son Josh and his wife Danielle, attended the Secret Artworks in Cincinnati. Artists from all over the Greater Cincinnati area donated 5 x 7-inch works of art to support ArtWorks Cincinnati. The art was displayed with the artist’s information on the back; the buyer didn’t know who the artist was until they purchased the art. 

Such a crowd and so many paintings! It took us a very long time to find our own paintings among all of the art donated. I’m sure there were over 600 works of art and it looked as if most of the paintings sold. Proceeds help to keep the arts alive in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.

I had received e-mails with information on opportunities for artists for the last year or two but have been caring for my aunt  who had lung cancer. Sadly she passed away on September 30th right after I had received the e-mail regarding the Secret Artworks. This pushed me to begin painting again knowing that my aunt was one of my biggest supporters and quite the creative lady herself with a project always in the works.

Artworks is responsible for most of the awesome large murals seen in the Greater Cincinnati area. I am happy to have helped Artworks Cincinnati in any small way. They have a lot of photos of the event on their Facebook page here.

I’m looking forward to learning more about ArtWorks and being involved if and when I can. Here are the paintings Josh and I submitted. The first four are by Josh the last two and the one intro image are mine.


Secret Final Daisy

Secret Angel Kiss

Secret sands

Secret Phone

clover 5x7


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