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Miles in the hatI have a little nine (almost ten) month old grandson who is taking his time getting a thick head of hair; so I googled to see if I could find a pattern for a kid’s sunhat. I did find a pretty easy and cute pattern for a reversible sunhat at http://www.madebymarzipan.com/?tutorial=surf-n-turf-sunhat . She not only has the simple three-piece pattern to download and use, she has the written instructions as well as a quick video so you can see exactly how to make the hat.

I had several old bandanas that I thought might make an interesting kid’s hat. One good thing about using bandanas is that the fabric is double-sided which means not having to think about right and wrong sides. sunhat bluesunhat red sidesunhat I think the hat turned out pretty cute and (yay!) it fits his 18 3/4 inch head (with a little room to grow). It’s a little loose but not too loose and on the first try he left it on for a short time; we’re hoping he’ll realize it keeps the sun out of his eyes and want to wear it.

Okay, I know, it may not happen but we can always hope!

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